Thank you for shopping with Destination Grocers.  Our mission is to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible without wasting your valuable time going to the grocery store.
Simply complete your grocery order with our online store.  When you go to the checkout page your total will be there along with the standard delivery fees and any taxes.  This fee covers our time to shop and deliver your groceries.  After your order is submitted and payment is processed you will get a confirmation email.    Should you not receive a confirmation from us within 24 hours, please give us a call.

* Shopping and delivery fee for a full grocery order is $45

* Shopping and delivery fee for packages is $35

We will bill your credit card for all charges. Your order will be delivered by 4:00 pm on your arrival date, barring complications with prior tenant departures, entry of unit or cleaning schedule conflicts.  Weather also can delay the delivery time.  We will notify you by cell phone if your order will not be in the rental house prior to 4pm; once your order has been delivered you will get a confirmation text.